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We’ve all seen it. You’re so excited to step into the photobooth at the party, but you feel like a deer in the headlights. You’re just not sure how to pose, what to wear, or what to do. You look to the operator hoping that they can give you some direction, but instead of being engaged with the guests, they are completely distracted by their phone. So you wing it, and the pictures don’t turn out very well. That is precisely what inspired Jordan to add a photobooth to Beyond Sound’s services.

At Beyond Sound, our priority is to create a fun, one-of-a-kind experience for you, while you make memories with your guests.

Our interactive operator will help you select props for your pictures, walk you through the steps of how the pictures are taken, and help you pose to get the best possible results from your photobooth experience!

“The best part of the Beyond Sound Photobooth experience is that the interactive operator is just that – interactive. They will be fully engaged with guests, and laughing along with them as they encourage guests both young and old to have fun in the booth.” beams Beyond Sound Marketing Manager, Coby Palidwar.

Get those smiles ready. The Beyond Sound Photobooth Operators know just how to get the party started, duck faces and all!